white (wedding) buck

Koziol bialy is a type of bagpipe, a representative folk instrument from Great Poland, particularly in Zbąszyń surroundings. The name of the instrument comes from the bag covered with white bristles - the skin of a goat and the head adorning the reject - simulating the real head of a goat.

white (wedding) buck

The whote (wedding) buck was once a hugely popular instrument, which is an important symbol of Polish culture, in particular in Great Poland. In folk band it is usually followed by violin and clarinet. White buck was played even at the court of the Danish King Christian IV.

The white buck has a nice timbre. It has a bourdon with a bell made of brass and horn cattle. It is an inflatable by a balloon - mechanical bellows, which was used by blacksmiths in the past, in a larger size, to make fire.

white (wedding) buck-legend
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