Baraban is a large drum with a deep loud sound, with bilateral tension. Musical instrument from membranephones group. It consists of a cylindrical resonator body and one or two membranes. The sound of baraban is varied with a metallic plate, or a triangle. It is played with both hands and was one of instruments of folk band.


Very famous is the custom of Easter baraban sticking in Iłża. Ten men walk through the village with a big drum with a diameter of 1 m and 50 cm high, made of copper sheet and covered with foal or calf skin. The drum is worn since the midnight on Easter Saturday until 6 a.m. on Easter Sunday, when the Resurrection starts.

Two men take the instrument, and the other eight men hit it with wooden sticks during a five-minute pause. The drumming announces the Resurrection of the Lord. This custom is practised in Iłża since ancient times and is not known anywhere else.
Baraban is stored in a local church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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