Ratchets because of the simple design and noisy sounds were related not only with fun but also with folk Easter rites. Until recently, in the Polish countryside in Easter time, people departed from Lent for a moment and played loud, made a noise and joked.


Ratchets and knockers are associated with somewhat forgotten tradition – mid-Lent. Until recently, the Polish countryside at that time departed from the ascetic way of life for a moment in order to bring spring by making a noise.

Joyful groups of kids were running around from house to house holding loud knockers, ratchets, rattles and announcing their neighbours that is already "mid-Lent, mid-Lent!!!". It was the custom, accompanied by singing and playing together for which children could get small gifts - sweets or money. It was not only the announcement of the upcoming Easter but also much-anticipated spring. The rhythmic sound of ratchets and knockers was meant to awake people from winter lethargy.

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