Polish folk instrument with the name złóbcoki - rather difficult to pronounce, belongs to the group of chordophones. The name złóbcoki refers to the instrument's gouge from one block of wood, others claim that it derives from “łób”or cradle. Złóbcoki is particularly characteristic for Podhale, where was popular in the nineteenth century.


Złóbcoki was convex, elongated and narrow resonant body carved with a neck from a single block. It had three, then four strings. It was played with an arch-shaped bow.

Złóbcoki was tuned like a violin, sounded quiet but poignant and sharp. The famous mountaineer, John Krzeptowski called Sabala, played this instrument, who with his złóbcoki, was immortalized in the photograph preserved to this day and also on the monument in Zakopane.

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