Bandoneon, called the "soul of the tango" is a kind of accordion. It is often confused with the piano accordion, although it sounds much richer and gives musicians more opportunities. It has 88 or more buttons and quadrangular case. It belongs to the group of woodwind keyboard idiophones, and according to different classification belongs to the aerophones.


The name of the instrument derives from the name of its creator. It was designed by Heinrich Band, who at the age of 29 years, in December 1850, placed the first copies of this instrument for sale in his shop in Krefeld, Germany.

Originally it was used to play religious music in churches. When the instrument arrived in the port city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, after some time along with guitars, violins and flutes contributed to the emergence of a new musical genre - tango milonga. The prominent bandoneon virtuoso was an Argentine tango composer and musician Astor Piazzolla.

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