Dulcimer is a shaped stringed instrument similar to a trapeze. It has the form of a flat box with steel strings. The sound is extracted by hitting dulcimer with wooden sticks. The length and form of sticks depend on dulcimer player's taste and tradition.


The ways of playing the dulcimer and sounds of this instrument are very various. A skilled musician is able to extract from dulcimer low and high sounds. The dulcimer complements with its sound playing other instruments. The best tunes performed by dulcimer are fast-paced, entertaining and lively melodies and dances.

One of the heroes - innkeeper Yankel in the epic "Pan Tadeusz" by Adam Mickiewicz played Gypsy dulcimer and in that way he could "tell" the audience poignant stories.
Current dulcimer occur in just 40 countries in Europe, Asia and America.

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