greater Polish bagpipes

A woodwind instrument which belongs to reed aerophones group. Other regional names in Poland are: goat, gajda, siesienki. Bagpipes are often confused with bandura (kobza), which is an entirely different string instrument. Bagpipes are classified as one of the most difficult musical instruments and are an incredible challenge for many musicians.

greater Polish bagpipes

Bagpipes have been moved from Asia to Europe in the Middle Ages and are included into European folk instruments.

It is an instrument that requires great artistry during its manufacture and various types of wood are used, such as plum, cherry, mahogany, or even ebony. Bagpipes are made up of four main parts: melody pipe, sack also called bellows, drone pipe called bas and bellows.
Piping tradition is cultivated in Great Poland up to now by The Tournament of Great Poland pipers held every year.

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