devil's fiddle

Devil's fiddle has the shape of a stick with the head of the monster, devil, rustic or straw-cover in the hat on it. Straw sticking out from under its hat, and all kinds of badges are attached to it. The fiddle is actually a full orchestra because it buzzes, squeaks, jingles and rattles. A violin-shaped board is placed below half of the stick.

devil's fiddle

The devil's fiddle is a high instrument, measuring up to two meters. It has a sound box, with the peak of the instrument combines them one, two or three wire strings that buzz when are pulled. The tin box filled with hard objects is attached to the board that rattles when is shaken.

It is a kind of drum and bass in one. Additional sounds can be extracted with a hand or a stick hitting the board or box. It can be also a melodic instrument, due to the ability to change the tension of the strings by the knob. The devil's fiddle usually accompanies folk bands, awakening the interest of viewers and making a little extra noise.

The instrument is the most widespread in Kashubia. According to the legend, the Kashubian "devil's fiddle" was the favorite instrument of witches, because its shape resembles a broomstick, on which allegedly witches were flying.

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